Important Notes

  1. If you are a “first time” bottler with AWBC we suggest you allow 8 weeks from order and confirmed label design to shipment time. This allows for labels to be prepared, packaging goods to be ordered & delivered and bottling to take place. Our experience is that “first time” bottlers need to make many changes and this can take time.
  2. Our bottled quotations DO NOT include design or printing of labels. However, we can assist in nominating reputable printers in both China and Australia as well as assisting you in arranging design and printing.
  3. All bottled wines are “Slip-sheeted” into containers and we always use a “Thermal Quilt” to cover the wines to minimise temperature variation. Palletising can be arranged if required at a small additional cost.
  4. Our normal quotation basis is “FOB Australia”. However, we can arrange a “CIF China” quotation based on certain terms and conditions.
  5. We can bottle a MAXIMUM of 3 varieties and a MAXIMUM of 3 different labels per Full Container Load.
  6. We supply all EXPORT DOCUMENTATION as required by the overseas authorities