Wine Characteristics:

  1. Region of origin is usually South Eastern Australia
  2. Wine quality is usually good commercial standard from inland areas with good colour and body
  3. Varieties include:
  4. Shiraz
  5. Cabernet
  6. Cabernet Merlot
  7. Shiraz Cabernet
  8. Dry Red
  9. Chardonnay
  10. Semillon Sauvignon Blanc
  11. Moscato


  1. Bottles – Are usually 300mm punted claret bottles for reds and 300mm punted burgundy bottles for whites. However, the punted claret clear bottles can also be used for whites
  2. Corks – Are usually  Ref 1+1 which is a good quality composite cork or Stelvin (screw cap) closures can be used.
  3. Capsules – Good quality standard embossed PVC in standard colours
  4. Cartons – Export quality C Flute cartons which are white or brown 6 or 12 pack configuration
  5. Dividers – 160mm